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F.A.Q and Help
Q. I'm looking for a certain type of home in a certain area, can you help me find what I'm looking for?
A. Please use the search feature from the home page to locate a rental. We have thousands of people searching for homes daily, but unfortauntely we can't do the searching for each person.

Q. How many properties can I post on Rentspeed for free?
A. You may post unlimited properties. However, if you have more than a hundred, we'd prefer that you submit your listings via XML feed. This is convenient but not mandatory.

Q. Why are you a free site, and how do you pay the bills?
A. We've always personally liked being a free site. We also have upgrade features and sponsors which help us pay the bills.

Q. If I see a scammer ad, what should I do?
A. Make sure to report the ad to us via our contact form. Also, please familiarize yourself with our article about scammers.

Q. I'd like to speak to someone about a partnership or affiliate program, who do I speak with?
A. Please contact us via our contact form, along with a brief summary.

Q. I'm having a problem uploading an image. What can I do?
A. JPG and BMP files are preferred, but we do accept other image types. Please try put the image in JPG format and maybe consider shrinking the file size a bit.