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Rentspeed XML Data Feeds

Importing a Feed

If you would like to have Rentspeed listings on your web site, please contact us with your specs, so we can prepare a feed to your XML specifications.

Submitting a Feed

Rentspeed allows other web sites and individuals to submit their rental listings in bulk, so that they can also help get their client properties more exposure. It is free to submit feeds to Rentspeed.

Please make sure all the listings you submit are generated only through your own site, as to avoid duplicate listings of the same property.

Below are our XML specs for our feeds. If you have different names for your fields, we are somewhat flexible and can still import your data into our system. Please make the feed as close to this as possible:

<uniqueid>A1984ZX2862</uniqueid> * Required - Unique, Static ID, generated by your system. Make as unique as possible.
<propertytype>Townhouse</propertytype> * Required - House, Apartment, Townhouse, Condo, Mobile Home, or Vacation Home
<description>description of property</description> * Required
<description2>special features, amenities, additional info</description2> * Highly Recommended
<price>900</price> * Required - Monthly Rent - Even dollar amounts
<price2>1500</price2> * If it's an Apartment Complex, this allows you to have a price range
<bedrooms>1</bedrooms> * Required
<bedrooms2>4</bedrooms2> * If it's an Apartment Complex, this allows you to have a bedroom range
<bathrooms>1.5</bathrooms> * Required - Decimals are accepted too
<phone>800-555-2134</phone> * Required - Preferably the Owner or Manager's Direct Line if possible
<city>Los Angeles</city> * Required
<state>CA</state> * Required
<zip>90210</zip> * Required
<address>555 Sunny Lane</address> * Highly Recommended
<image1_url></image1_url> * Highly Recommended - Add Up to 12 Images and Thumbs
<url></url> - * Optional - Location of Landing Page URL

Please contact us with the location of your feed and let us know roughly how many listings we should be expecting per day. There is no requirement.